A Bit of history about Mind's Eye Graphic ARts


Born in the Summer of 2014, Mind’s Eye Graphic Arts, or MEGA for short, began in a spare bedroom in my house. I was a graduated artist from Casper College and growing bored with the day-to-day, crazy hours, and more annoying nuances of my job. I needed something more, something better and I needed to create. So I decided to find my niche in the small community of Casper, Wyoming. I took a deep-dive into Video Production, Photography, Website Design, and Social Media Marketing. I also dabble in Technology based services but they are more of a hobby and a satisfying left turn for my brain. I have a strong background in Layouts and Typography so I like to focus on Posters, Flyers, and creating a lovely interface for people to browse. If you have by chance found yourself here, please browse through my collections of work and send me a message if something happens to keep your attention! Thanks for browsing!


Jeremy Mascarenas

The Team

{Just kidding, it’s only me for now}

Jeremy Mascarenas

Owner / Social Media Master / Graphic Artist / Tech Guru

Artist to the core, Jeremy has been dabbling in art as long as he can remember. Mind's Eye Graphic Arts Founder, Owner, and all around mad scientist, Jeremy focuses on everything that MEGA produces. He is involved in every step of the process and accepts only perfection from the solutions that Mind's Eye Graphic Arts offers. In his free time you will find him hanging with his Corgis, reducing his yard for more "garden space", shooting photos of space, traveling the Oregon Coast, playing guitar, and fronting the band Cryptid Encounter.


Email: jmas@mega307.com

Social Media: @mega.307