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We all do it, you frequent a business, you love their product or service…but there's something missing. Most will let that thought go, they won't worry about it but maybe 1-3 times tops. The entrepreneur cannot let that thing go. In fact, almost anyone with that entrepreneur blood, will even tell the business what's missing or consider creating a business focused on this idea. Crazy Right? This week’s blog will focus on why many become entrepreneurs, what the life of a business owner is like, and some common mistakes you can make when starting up a business. I appreciate your time and I hope you will send a message or share this post with other budding, or even seasoned entrepreneurs.

To describe oneself as simply an entrepreneur is foolish, you must be an entrepreneur in SOMETHING. For instance, I am a Graphic Artist, I run a Graphic Design Business that also helps with Business Strategy and Technology related services. When I started Mind’s Eye Graphic Arts, my goal was to provide clients with a direct link to the artist and individuals involved with the look and feel of their products or services. I started from the ground up with the thought that I would simply specialize in Graphic Design related services. I quickly saw the opportunity to help people with something that I had a vast knowledge of, Technology! The world is quite full of Technology related devices these days and it’s an ever evolving medium that will take you from a smiling person, to a screamin’ demon in nothing flat! I freelanced for around 4-5 years before I officially started the business. Now after 4 years in business, I have certainly learned a lot and developed my skills accordingly to help my company grow. This has included Technology Based Assistance, Website and Content Management Systems, and Social Media based platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. The times have changed and every business must adapt to these new ways of life! More on Technology in the future but a quick piece of advice, just be patient and if you find yourself frustrated, walk away! It will save you time and money in the long run!

So what separates an entrepreneur from everyone else in society? I believe it is the ability to adapt and do what’s necessary to be successful. Even pressed with rules and restrictions, a true entrepreneur will find a way to succeed and essentially overcome these restrictions.

(“The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem” ― Captain Jack Sparrow)

Let’s take an example of a restaurant, this establishment starts out with a large selection of menu options but shortly after, say 3-4 months of opening, their options are significantly less. This is often because they started off with too many options and quickly found that customers swayed toward a specific set of items instead. This is very wise as a young, budding business because many will often keep these items that aren’t selling to their bitter business grave. You can peruse the Facebook, Google Business, Yelp!, and other Rave and Review pages to see them filled with complaints or praise depending on the lack of menu items. This is completely normal in a society that prefers very specific niche items and services. The way commerce and the world in general has evolved is a completely different blog, but just beware that offering too much at the start of a business is very dangerous. Not only for mental stability but for actual business success.

Another great example of a young entrepreneur is the Photographer. A great way for a Photographer to start up, is to simply focus on Photography such as Portraits. I see posts quite often looking for Photographers in the local Facebook Classified Groups (Facebook groups? Again, this will be it’s own blog in the near future.) and these posts are flooded with amateur to Professional Photographer recommendations. This is no joke, in a town of 60,000 or so people, a post like that will attract 50-100 responses. So it is safe to say as a Photographer, you can start up a business fairly quickly, BUT how long until you are doing Photography full time and getting paid as well? This is the main reason many go into the entrepreneur life. “I will get PAID!” Well, yes, you will get paid...eventually. The start up company can’t expect to be rich unless they hit that specific niche like a ton of bricks. Big gains require big risks and in a significant portion of business, there have been massive losses and even bankruptcy or closures. I always recommend early entrepreneurs utilize every method possible that will keep their opening costs down. There is so much that is unnecessary until you start actually turning profit, gaining customers, and selling real volume of services or goods. Trust me on that one!

A quick example of an amazing entrepreneur, Professional Vlogger, Videographer, Persona, YouTuber Extraordinaire, is Casey Neistat ( Casey’s YouTube Channel ). Casey is a great example of an entrepreneur in this day and age. With plenty of videos well over 1,000,000 views, he has a very personal connection with his audience and I thoroughly enjoy following along on his adventures. He’s shot many fun videos for Samsung including these three.

Video 1: Samsung Galaxy: The Rest of Us

Video 2: Worlds Largest Homemade Drone 
Video 3: Droneboarding in 360 This video is a 360 video so you can view it from many angles. Give it a shot!

Also check out my 360° Photography and Casper Blog C.SPECS it's full of fun images and adventures around the Casper, Wyoming area.

There are many examples of great YouTube related “stars,” many that have catapulted to fame from the platform by pushing their interests to the max. These stars utilize every medium available to promote their business. If you want to keep up with the electronic world we live in, I recommend finding a guru, and learning as best as you can. I have learned countless skill sets from many gurus over the years and it is utterly fascinating and humbling to allow someone to help you learn a new skill or trick.

And with that, I must leave and get back to my many quests. I appreciate your time and would love it even more if you would leave a bit of feedback by simply liking this blog or sharing it with anyone considering becoming an entrepreneur.


I am Jeremy, and you can find more from Mind’s Eye Graphic Arts below!

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